Your Phone, Their Fun

We created an interactive, fun and educational screen saver that locks in place, keeping your phone safe and everyone happy.

Why use Lockitz!?

A simple, proven way to protect your phone from accidental harm.

“I once had to call my companies IT department twice in one day to get them to unlock my phone after my son had disabled it twice.” - Melanie - Founder

Multiple Screens

Colorful, engaging screens. We have three themes to pick from. Farm, Sea and Space. Each scene has realistic sounds that help your children learn from a young age.

Easy To Use

Quick setup. You will be able to use the screen saver locking feature within minutes of opening up the app.


Settings for every family’s personal preference. Adjust the sound fx and background music to your liking. Set up a slideshow timer, so that each themed scene switches on its own.

It’s not a screen saver, its a kid saver!

Lockitz! Helps you live stress-free, knowing your phone is locked and safe.

"Just a few months after my son was born, he would gravitate to my phone every time he could reach it. He easily figured out it was fun to touch the buttons, entering several incorrect passwords in a row, thus locking me out of the phone. Keeping my phone put away was not an option, as I always need it for work. I thought, there must be a fix for this, and the idea for Lockitz! was born.”

- Melanie - Founder

Never get locked out of your phone again.

Use your android or iOS device to create a fun, learning environment.

You never know when your kids might pick up your phone and start playing with it, so it’s best to make sure your phone is secure.


You are able to set it up so that each themed screen is on a time, so that when he time is up, the next screen appears.

Be in control of how loud you want the background music versus the sound fx the animals make.

Guided instructions so that you can be in control of how you want the phone to lock and unlock.

More than a interactive screen saver

The new way to keep everyone happy and your phone safe.

Updated Screen Saver Technology

We are one of the first of our kind to do something like this. Be a part of new parenting technology.

Easy Setup Process

In just a few simple steps and guided instructions in the app, you can have this up and running within minutes of downloading.

Only The Beginning

As we progress on this journey, we will continuously look for ways to improve Lockitz and add more engaging themed screens.


Super clean user
interface for easiest use.

It is the easiest way to keep your phone from being disabled, having files deleted and accidental e-mails being sent, all while providing a fun, educational environment.